Payment & Scheduler

I am happy to offer a 20-minute session at no charge. Schedule a chat with me below


Session can be held via phone, Skype, Google Hangouts or in-person in my practice in Oranienburg, Orlamünder Str. 2.

How does a session look like?

  • At the beginning of a session (10-15 minutes), you describe your concerns and discuss a goal for the entire consultation and a goal for the session.

  • On a scale of 0-10, you measure how your goal feels at the beginning and end of the session

  • We then solve all the emotional causes that keep you from achieving your goal, such as trapped emotions, heart wall, emotional resonances, and inherited emotions

  • I explain these emotional phenomena, you can ask all your questions.

Required number of sessions

The number of sessions differs according to subject and client. Some clients will need 1-2 sessions to reach their goal. The body or the subconscious determines how much emotional baggage it can get rid of. Therefore, other clients come over weekly for 3-5 weeks. Many clients wish for regular care and arrange a monthly appointment to discuss all areas of their lives.