Katarina Matthes

Personal & Business Coach

About Katarina

At the beginning of 30, I had basically achieved everything. Career in a big company, husband, house, 2 children and yet I was unhappy. Only when I found out that my unconsciousness was the cause of back pain, migraines and just the unhappiness, I could see my luck.


I have been working as a Systemic HR and Business Coach since 2014, and for many years have been consulting leaders and their teams on how to become more efficient. My passion is to free people from their emotional baggage so that they can develop their potential and live the life they desire. Learn more

Why Emotioncode

It helps with


You have a demanding job and feel tired, overwhelmed and you start crying for no reason.

Decision Making

You want clarity about your intention and make conscious decisions


You want to make a career and develop your potential.


Express your opinion and your position clearly towards others.


It's hard for you to build relationships and find a partner for life. Or you feel that your heart is broken?


You want to stay healthy and reach a high age. You already eat healthy and do sports but you are emotionally instable.


You have negative beliefs that keep you from living a full life.

Success in Sports

You achieve good athletic results and fail in competition. You face a lot of injuries recently.


You have physical problems such as back pain, knee pain, or migraine and doctors can not find a cause.


You have fear or even panic attacks for no reason, you crunch your teeth at night and you don't sleep well.


Your child is stressed about school, suffers from sleep disturbance or has other behavioural problems.

Your topic

You have a very specific topic in which you are stuck and want to exclude trapped emotions as a cause?



„Ich hatte mich wegen Stimmungsschwankungen an Katarina gewandt. In einem ersten Telefonat löste Sie bereits ein paar Emotionen bei mir, wovon ich erstmal nichts merkte. Die nächsten beiden Tage jedoch fühlte ich mich sehr glücklich und ich empfand deutlich mehr Freude am Leben als sonst. Die ungewöhnliche Hochphase ging zwar dann (leider) wieder vorbei, aber die starken Stimmungsschwankungen und Tiefs sind seitdem nicht mehr zurück gekommen. Insgesamt hat sich meine Stimmung stabilisiert und meine Lebensqualität deutlich verbessert. Ich weiß zwar nicht genau wie es funktioniert, finde es aber lohnenswert, es einfach mal auszuprobieren.“

— Weiblich, 40 Jahre, Hannover



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